Curiosity and imagination are where learning begins.

In our toddler classrooms, your child will turn play into meaningful learning experiences. We offer a well-balanced toddler program to help boost a child's confidence as they examine the world around them through hands-on learning activities.

Our toddler program focusses on self-soothing and self-regulation techniques, promoting independence, motor-skill development, and coordination. All our teachers track your toddler’s progress through our daily communication sheets, which provide individualized notes about what your child learned each day at school.

In each of our toddler classrooms we strive to create a “home away from home” for your child by nurturing friendships, supporting developing emotions, building healthy beginnings, sparking curiosity and promoting language development.

Nuturing Friendship

Nurturing Friendships builds the foundation for your toddler to develop trusting relationships with their teachers and peers alike. All our teacher are committed to responding to your child with compassion and kindness. They promote self-awareness and create consistent and predictable schedules for your toddler to follow. 

Healthy Beginings

We support your toddler’s physical development by helping them meet developmental milestones such as crawling, standing and walking.

Our teachers help set and maintain individualized schedules to promote healthy eating and sleeping routines. Through activities and games, we inspire Healthy Beginnings that are designed to support your toddler’s muscle development and coordination. This way we help your toddlers to master basic skills such as walking, running, hopping, jumping, kicking and balancing. With the ability to utilize our state-of-the-art gymnasiums and playgrounds, our programming is consistent and year-round.

Sparking Curiosity

We help your young child explore concepts such as cause-and-effect, trial-and-error, object permanence, persistence, problem-solving, flexibility, and inventiveness through intentional teaching and purposeful play. 

Language Development

Our teachers will help your toddlers build their verbal and non-verbal skills and gestures through telling stories, reading books and singing songs. Your child will also explore new concepts through hands-on activities and building memory, reasoning and problem-solving abilities.