Child Care & Learning Center
Our Preschool Program
In partnerships with our families, we work hard to provide children with the most optimal learning experience.  We provide multiple opportunities throughout the day for children to be engaged in learning.  Emphasis on letter-sound recognition, hand-eye coordination, along with many word play activities, is essential to prepare for Kindergarten.  Children are encouraged to work together as well as care for the classroom, ensuring a sense of responsibility.

Our Toddler Program

Our toddler program is designed to meet the individual needs of the children and to stimulate all areas for their growth and development.  Children at this stage thrive on routine that involves, predictability, stability, along with positive reinforcement.  All of thers factors allow them to feel safe and comfortable as they become more independent individuals.  Center opportunities will include:  story and circle time, dramatic play, blocks and manipulatives, music, art, sensory table, along with outdoor play and physical activities.  Our goal is to help promote your child's language, cognitive, physical, as well as social-emotional skills during these significant years of each child's life.
Me & My Friends Child Care and Learning Center is proudly committed to each and every child's education and development.  We follow the education guidelines set forth by the Rhode Island Department of Education and the Department of Children, Youth and Families.  We provide a nurturing, safe environment while meeting the individual needs of each child.  Me and My Friends' curriculum and lesson plans are carefully developed to engage the children for a maximum learning experience.